Cancer: Passion fruit contains rich amounts of antioxidant Vitamin C. It contains 50% of daily RDA value. passion fruitAntioxidants have been proven to protect from free radicals. Free radicals are produced due to increase in pollution. Due to increase in pollution oxidative stress has increased. High oxidative stress increases production of free radical in the body. These free radicals damage normal cell DNA and turns it into a cancer cell. But free radicals have been proven to neutralize these free radicals and protect from cancer. Passion fruit contains Vitamin A and flavonoids which is effective to protect from oral cancer and lung cancer.

Blood pressure: Passion fruit is highly effective to protect from high blood pressure. It contains 348 mg of potassium which is 7% of RDA.  High potassium balance sodium level in the body. High sodium levels in the body increase the risk of high blood pressure and other disease like heart attack or stroke.

Colon Cleanser: Passion fruit contains soluble fiber. Soluble fiber cleanses toxin stored in the colon. These toxins are responsible for the colon cancer. 100 g passion fruit provides 27% of daily fiber required by the body. So it proves best food to clean the colon.

Eye Vision: Due to change in lifestyle low eye vision problem is growing day by day. Loss of eye vision is usually due to lack of nutrition in food. But loss of eye vision can be reversed by including healthy food in the diet. Passion fruit is among those healthy foods that proves beneficial for eye.  It contains a high amount of antioxidant Vitamin A, Vitamin C and flavonoids. These nutrients protect eyes from free radical damage. So it is beneficial to protect eyes from vision loss and improve eyesight.

Increase Blood production: Passion fruit contains high amounts of iron which is 20% of daily required value. Along with iron it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C increase the absorption capacity of iron. So it prevents loss of iron and increase the production of blood.

Improves digestion: Fruit contains high amounts of soluble fiber which increase bulk laxative and improves digestion. Also it improves the nutrient absorbing capacity of the body.

Immunity: Vitamin C is highly effective to increase immunity. It increases immunity to protect from common disease like cold, flu and infections.

Cardiovascular Health: Passion fruit contains high amount fiber which reduces cholesterol level in blood. It increases HDL ( good cholesterol) and reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol). So it prevents blockage of blood flow towards the heart. Also high amount of antioxidants protect arteries from free radicals. So it proves highly beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Improve Sleep quality: It was found that eating passion fruit relaxes the nervous system and induces sleep.

Asthma: Passion fruit is highly effective to reduce symptoms of asthma.

Information from Fitness World

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