Here are a few of our favorite ways to organize your house with repurposed household items.

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Storage

Ice Cube Tray Organizer

It's easy to lose those stud earrings or extra buttons from that expensive pea coat you purchased last winter. Instead of having a junk drawer, use an ice cube tray to keep it organized. Now you'll know exactly where to go if that one-of-a-kind button goes missing.

Cord Organization

Binder-Clip Cord Organizer

With so many new gadgets these days, wires can make your home office desk look cluttered. To keep them at bay, attach binder clips to the edge of your desk, and place the cords through the clips. This will also make it easy to plug in your electronics.

Organized Coloring Station

Dish-Rack Coloring Station

Organize your craft supply in a dish drying rack. Coloring books stay put in the grates, while the silverware tray stores crafting tools, such as colored pencils and scissors.

Menus on Display

Organized Menu Folder

Is your collection of takeout menus out of control? Keep them in one place by placing them in a plastic folder and adhering the folder to the inside of your kitchen cabinet.

Jewelry Storage and Organizer

Silverware Tray Displays Your Jewelry

While this project really works great with a wooden silverware tray (because you can paint it any color), a plastic version will suffice. It's glam enough to leave out in the open, but also smart enough to stuff into a drawer without worrying that your jewelry will get lost or tangled.

Ladder Drying Rack

Ladder Drying Rack

Laundry can take over your entire house. Hang an old ladder from your ceiling, allowing you to dry clothes in once place rather than scattered throughout your home.


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