Here's a simple DIY craft to create your own bird ornament which can also be used as a bookmark or to decorate anything that needs a little something extra!


Book Pages or Scrapbook Paper
Small Stick
Twine or Ribbon
Your Choice of Embellishments {Tim Holtz Ink/Glitter}


Begin by printing out the bird template found {here}. I did not make a template for the wing; however it is a pretty easy shape to cut freely by hand. Stack three sheets of book pages together and trace the template on top. Cut out the bird along with the wing shape.

If you prefer, you can distress the pages at this point. I gave my birdie a light rub with a Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Pad, making the edges a little bit darker.

You can add glitter at this point, if you want a little sparkle. I simply rubbed the front of the birdie with a glue stick and sprinkled on some vintage mica flakes.

Stack the three bird cutouts together, adding a tiny dab of hot glue in between each to hold; do the same for the wings. For the leg, attached a small stick with hot glue to the front of the bird and press the wing on top.

Curl the ends of the wings and tails by lightly rolling around a pencil.

Cut a piece of twine or ribbon for the hanger. Secure to the back with hot glue and finish by pressing a piece of cardstock on top.

Idea from: Stephanie Lynn