Hi Everyone!! Were excited to say that we've entered to win the Chase Main Street Mission Grant the award is $150,000 and we could really use the money to help a lot with our business. For some of you that don't know us we are an agriculture company yes we love trees... FRUIT TREES to be specific! We have our daily operations here in Orlando Fl. We ship trees all over the USA and world to people that want these trees, We also donate / ship a lot of trees to people that are going thru a rough medical issue people that are wanting to try using fruit or the tree itself to heal, so we try in all ways to give back and want to continue to do so.

This Grant would mean a lot to us if we win. We can continue to do what we love in a bigger operation with a lot more help. So please take a minute and click on the link below and please vote for us as well as share us on your page!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xoxoxoxo




 Vicky Popat