All Installations Have Been Temporarily Suspended

Installation Pricing

Delivery & installation packages are only available to a limited Central Florida area. We do offer shipping service without installation to practically anywhere on earth, domestic & international locations.

Our complete installed packages start at only $49.99 for select trees, which includes the Tree & Installation Package. When we say complete we mean all of our packages are complete from start to finish, from the time you place the call until the tree is professionally installed in your backyard. We handle all the work. There is absolutely no labor at all on your part except for the initial phone call and selecting the installation location for the plant. Our installation package is our best value if you live in the Central Florida area. The cost starts at $15 per tree which includes everything listed below. You are also welcome to call us 24/7 for an immediate price quote.

All of our Central Florida delivery and installation packages include:

  • Professional delivery of fruit tree to venue of installation (within select Central Florida area)
  • Preparation of ground for installation
  • Digging of hole
  • Adding/Replacing your soil with top quality soil/compost
  • Installation of tree
  • Staking of plant to keep plant straight and protected if necessary
  • Fertilizing new plant at time of installation
  • Clean up of installation debris
  • 24/7 Customer support for questions regarding the tree.

PlantOGram Gift

If you are purchasing the tree as a gift, we will also include a PlantOGram greeting card and envelope, which can be customized with a message of your choice, and will include the name of the person who sent the PlantOGram gift.

PlantOGram Care Information

A PlantOGram Tree Care/Information Guide which includes information such as how to care for the plant, when to fertilize, etc.

If requested, a confirmation email will be sent to the purchaser of the PlantOGram. Enclosed will be a photo of the new tree installed at the venue provided to confirm the PlantOGram has been sent.

For a fast, free, and immediate quote on any of our packages of exotic fruit trees listed on this site, please call us anytime 24hours/day 7days/week at (877)FRUIT-DOC or email us at