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    The Blue Jaboticaba Fruit in a 3 gallon container all the way from Brazil has a thin dark purple almost blue in color fruit. The flesh sweet and juicy with on or two large seeds inside. People say that the fruit tastes like a juicy grape.

    Availability: not available
  • White Jaboticaba Tree
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    The White Jaboticaba fruit is a little bit larger and has a beautiful green bronze skin that is a little thinner than the other varieties of the Jaboticaba. The flavor is said to be very sweet in flavor.

    Availability: not available
  • Red Jaboticaba Tree
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    The Red Jaboticaba all the way from Brazil in a 3 gallon container. Mirrors the flavor of the purple Jaboticaba the tree's are similar but a lot of people say that the red is a lot sweet and less tart than the purple fruit when ripe.

    Availability: not available
  • Yellow Jaboticaba Tree
    You save:$43.10( 28.2%)

    The Yellow Jaboticaba all the way from Brazil in a 3 gallon container resembles large gooseberries in appearance. The fruit's flavor being similar to an apricot making this a very delicious and sweet fruit.

    Availability: not available

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