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Mango Tree Dasheri Collectors Variety Grafted
All the way from Northern India a village named Dasheri where the birth of an extraordinary mango is welcomed into existence. This mango was only recognized when it was planted in the garden of the Nawab or ruler, of the area during the 18th century. Desheri mangoes were planted in many of the mango growing regions of India after it became popular in the northern region. The oldest and largest growing region of Dasheri mangoes is in Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India. Dasheri mangoes have a fiber-less, peach-colored flesh, the flavor is very sweet and aromatic. Also known as Dusari
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  • Z
    • September 5, 2020 04:50

    Origin- Malihabad near Lucknow India. Delicate flavour. creamy texture. A perfect blend of flavor, texture abd aroma. King of mangoes.