Plant-O-Gram Inc. is a licensed and insured nursery located in Central Florida. We started serving just our local community, but with the addition of our online store we are now shipping worldwide.

At Plant-O-Gram exotic and tropical fruit trees are not a job, it is our passion. We thrive on stocking one of the largest selections of rarest fruit trees from all corners of the globe. A wise person once said, "If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life." This philosophy is at the heart of our operation. We deal with exotic fruit trees not because we have to, but rather because that is what we love to do. Our website is secured by SSL Certificate.

Our trees are our reputation thus customer satisfaction and dedication to quality control is among our highest priorities. Our 24/7 phone number (877)FRUIT-DOC or (877)378-4836 can attest to our commitment to our customers. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

At Plant-O-Gram you do not only get an exotic fruit tree. Not only will you get a tree that will go up in value every year (the bigger the tree the more the cost), you will also be paid large dividends consistently every year in the form of mouthwatering, healthy fruit. The dividends or fruit have enormous monetary value especially if you've priced exotic fruits at the grocery store. That is assuming you can even find some of these rare fruits for sale! For example, pomegranates cost about $2-3 each, pineapples $4-5 each, mangos $2-3 each, lychees $10-15/lb. Having a mature fruit tree will supply you with numerous pounds of fresh homegrown fruit paying you $1,000's in fruit over the life of the tree.