What lasts longer than a lifetime, goes up in value every year, provides capital gains, gives you $1000's worth of dividends, is good for your health and the environment, tastes amazing, and finally costs just about $50?

As a business owner, you are always faced with a dilemma. How do I reward my loyal clients and keep them coming back? You have to do something different than flower baskets, cookies, candy, wine, or gift cards. Because that's what your competitors are doing. And not only that. Mary's allergic to flowers. Steve doesn't drink. And Bill is allergic to nuts. So what's the answer?

And no, mini muffins isn't it.

Those are all consumable gifts. The client consumes them, or more likely gives them away, and then they forget about you, your business, and the gift.

The answer is something that lasts generations, increases in value annually, yields capital gains, provides $1000's worth in dividends, is good for your health, the environment, actually tastes good, and costs just around $50?

That answer is a PlantOGram. An exotic fruit tree or plant will remind your clients of you and your business every time they see the tree. Every time they eat a fruit they will remember you. Each time they share a fruit with a friend or family member they'll mention you.

Our exotic Fruit Tree Gift Packages are the most efficient and successful way to brand your business gifts. What better advertisement for your Company or Business than a 15-30 feet billboard in the form of an amazing exotic fruit tree in all of your clients' backyards? Since you'd be sending these corporate gifts regardless, this is essentially free advertising. It also sends you into the "green" and "eco-friendly" category for businesses as your gifts will help the environment.

Don't let your competitors be the ones to send a PlantOGram first. Beat them to it. Hey…send them one.