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Tropical Fruit Trees

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  • Abiu Tree
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    All the way from the Amazon region of Northwest Brazil. This smooth, creamy caramel flan flavor is definitely an amazing addition to the custard lover’s space! • Pulp has a smooth creamy texture with a taste described as similar to caramel flan. • Considered a delicacy and often used in ice cream and other desserts • Good source of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A, & vitamin C • Native to Amazon region of northwest Brazil • Will thrive in subtropical conditions (USDA Growing Zones 4-9 Patio / Zones 10-14 Outdoors) • Full sun and frequent watering .

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  • $178.85$129.80
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    One of the most trendy and popular fruits from Australia, now made available here in the USA! Flavors of Longan, Lychee, and Rambutan! All in one little fruit!

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  • Akee Tree
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    Akee Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Akee is a native of Jamaica and is used in it's National Dish, Akee and Fish. It is usually cooked and used in a similiar fashion as eggs. The tree is a great value since Akee is an expensive fruit and is rarely avaialable fresh, canned Akee Fruit usually retails for $8-12 per can.

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  • $104.60$79.80
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    Versatile plant, similar mix of Cinnamon, Clove & Nutmeg. Berries are ground and used to flavor meats, pickles and soups. The leaves which have a rich/strong aroma used as a rub to flavor meats, teas & other culinary uses.​

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  • Almond Tree
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    • Comes in a 3 gallon container • Small-medium sized tree • Spreading, open canopy about 10-15 feet across • Almonds develop leathery flesh outside the shell • High in protein, low in carbohydrates, and contain many essential vitamins and minerals • Zones 5-9

    Availability: not available
  • Annona Spraguei
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    This Ultra-rare Annona native to rainforests of Panama and Columbia. Bears small, edible fruits with sweet pulp. The fruits have prominent hair-like features similar to a Rambutan. Very exotic and uncommon. In a 3 gallon container

    Availability: not available
  • Antidesma Bignay Tree
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    The Antidesma Bignay fruit tree is shipped in a 3 gallon container. Native to the Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. The skin of the fruit has red juice, while the white pulp has colorless juice. The fruit contains a light-colored seed. The fruit has a sour taste similar to that of the cranberry when immature, and a tart but sweet taste when ripe.

    Availability: not available
  • Araza
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    The Araza fruit is the most collected plant. The fruits are soft bright yellow having a juicy fruit aroma.

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  • Avocado Tree Brogdon Variety Grafted
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    • Comes in 3 gallon container • Purple skin, weighs about 8-12 oz. • Firm pulp with nutty flavor • Average height of 25 feet • Fruits July through September • Good shade producing tree • Full sun to partial shade • Zones 9b-11

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  • $129.40$98.70
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    Avocado Tree Florida Haas Variety Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. This is a large tasty pear shaped fruit 24-30oz., and the tree exhibits excellent tolerance to the cold. Season October-November. Makes a great shade tree.

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  • $126.90$99.70
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    Avocado Tree Hall Variety Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. This is a large tasty pear shaped fruit 24-30oz., and the tree exhibits excellent tolerance to the cold. Season October-November. Makes a great shade tree.

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  • $127.60$98.80
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  • Avocado Tree Lula Variety Grafted
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  • $158.60$119.60
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    ​**RARE VARIETY QUANTITY LIMITED ** Here’s why you need a Oro Negro Avocado: Beautiful, Stately indoor plant that will produce fresh fruits, lush green foliage Great source of Vitamins C,E,K & B-6 Creamy Butter Texture Creamy smooth texture melts in your mouth. Oro Negro meaning "BLACK GOLD" a rare collector’s Avocado Variety. One of the best avocado varieties known to man. This amazing mouthwatering variety is an excellent producer, flesh creamy butter like texture you can easily use this as a healthy option spread for toast! Avocado trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with one plant but adding an additional Avocado plant will increase your crop!

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  • $128.20$98.80
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    • Comes in 3 gallon container • Lime green color, red blush on midsection • Ripens from August to October • Very cold hardy, can survive temperatures down to 15° (Zones 8-10)

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  • $158.60$119.60
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    • Comes in 3 gallon container Dwarf Variety Avocado • Green fruit, excellent flavor and oil content, Heavy Producer • Creamy texture, Larger Fruit, Longer Shelf Life

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  • Bael
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    The popular Bael fruit makes it's way from central and southern India,Burma,Pakistan and Bangladesh this Indian variety grown in a 3 gallon is a slow growing fruit tree. The flowers of the fruit is very fragrant and the fruit being sweet.The fruit, round, pyriform, oval, or oblong, 2 to 8 in (5-20 cm) in diameter, may have a thin, hard, woody shell or a more or less soft rind, gray-green until the fruit is fully ripe, when it turns yellowish. It is dotted with aromatic, minute oil glands. Inside, there is a hard central core and 8 to 20 faintly defined triangular segments, with thin, dark-orange walls, filled with aromatic, pale-orange, pasty, sweet, resinous, more or less astringent, pulp. Embedded in the pulp are 10 to 15 seeds, flattened-oblong, about 3/8 in (1 cm) long, bearing woolly hairs and each enclosed in a sac of adhesive.

    Availability: not available
  • $75.90$49.80
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    Banana Plant IceCream Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Ice Cream is considered a desert Banana, with other common names: 'Cenizo' of Central America and the West Indies; 'Krie' of the Philippines, is a relative of 'Bluggoe'. The flesh is white, sweetish, and tastes like vanilla ice cream and has the consistency of a custard, unlike the firm bananas we purchase in grocery stores. Often produces banana heads weighing 25 lbs.. Plants begin to bear in less than a year’s time.

    Availability: not available
  • Banana Plant Plantain Variety
    You save:$26.10( 34.4%)

    Banana Plantain Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Used in cooking, very versatile. Can be used to make Plantain Chips which are a healthier alternative to potatoe chips. Great plant for decoration add tropical look to any garden.

    Availability: in stock
  • Barbados Cherry/Aceorla/Guyana Cherry Tree
    You save:$26.60( 25.0%)

    Barbados Cherry/Acerola/Guyana Cherry Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. The Barbados Cherry is a fast growing bushy tree that can be trained as a standard or shaped as a hedge. The fruit are sweet to sub-acid, and they are used extensively in juices throughout Latin America. The cherries are extremely high in Vitamin C, and just one is equal to 100% your daily allowance of Vitamin C, per 100grams 24 times the vitamin C of an Orange. They are also used in jellies, jams, and they freeze without losing their Vitamin C content. They also fruit constantly throughout the warm months, usually 8-10 months of the year so you get a lot of fruit. Also makes a great container plant for a people living in an apartment/condo or up North.

    Availability: in stock
  • Bay Leaf/Bay Laurel Tree
    You save:$25( 21.8%)

    Bay Leaf tree in a 3 gallon container. Bay Leaf refers to the aromatic leaf of the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae). Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The leaves are often used to flavor soups, stews, braises and pâtés in Mediterranean Cuisine. The fresh leaves are very mild and do not develop their full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying.

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  • Bay Rum Tree
    You save:$31.80( 26.6%)

    Bay Rum Tree in a 3 gallon container. The bayberry or bay rum tree (Pimenta racemosa) is a broadleaved tropical evergreen native to the islands of the Caribbean. The bay rum tree is known for the essential oil present in the leaves and stems. The oil, composed of terpenes, has a clove-like fragrance. Bay rum first came about as a 'rub' for sore muscles, strains, and sprains. It was also discovered that the essential oil contains a diterpene that has anti-bacterial properties. Bay rum was a popular aftershave in the early 20th century. It is literally made with the leaves of the tree and rum. Consequently, the aftershave has its spicy notes from the bay and its smoky, woody tones from the rum aged in casks.

    Availability: in stock

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