What can the Recipient expect to receive when I send them a PlantOGram.com?
PlantOGram's are shipped in a custom printed box making a striking first impression! If the Gift packaging option is chosen, the container of the tree will be wrapped in premium Burlap and have an oversized, 4 inch thick, silky, hand tied bow (color of bow can be customized when placing order). We will also include a complimentary greeting card with your custom message enclosed (text for the gift card message can be entered in the text box during the last stage of the checkout process in the box labeled, Comments or Gift Card Message). Planting instructions will also be included with the shipment. Please see video below for an example of what the unboxing will look like for the recipient.

Why do I want a Grafted or Air-layered tree?
Grafting and Air-layering have two primary benefits, the first being that you get fruit A LOT faster. With avocados or mangos it would take 6-10 years for a seedling to fruit versus 1-2 years for a grafted plant to fruit. Grafting and Air-layering also ensure quality & variety, for example just cause you eat a good mango and plant that seed, the fruit from that tree will not necessarily be the same as the parent fruit. It will vary. Just like a child is not 100% like either the mom or dad, he or she is a blend of the two parents. Grafting and Air-layering are in essence clones of the parent tree ensuring quality. If you graft a julie mango or brogdon avocado, the new plant is a 100% copy of the parent tree without any variation. So grafting ensures you get the variety you want and genetically superior trees which will fruit much sooner.

How much do Plant-O-Grams cost?
Please click on our Online store link and it will show you more information and prices on each of our specific trees. If you have any questions on any of our trees please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at (877)FRUIT-DOC or email us at Info@PlantOGram.com

Do you ship Plants?
Yes, we do ship plants domestically as well as internationally. We can ship to practically anywhere on the globe.

What is the cost of shipping?
PlantOGram is proud to offer for a limited time, FREE FEDEX shipping to all orders over $175 in the Continental United States. International Shipping costs varies, Contact directly for a quote.

Why Should I send a Plant-O-Gram when I can just send a fruit basket, bottle of wine or some flowers?
Plant-O-Grams are unlike flowers or fruit baskets or practically any other gifts. Plant-O-Grams are unique in that they last longer than a lifetime. Other gifts such as electronics, flowers, jewelry etc. only last temporarily and usually decrease in value with age whereas an exotic fruit tree from Plant-O-Gram will not only last for generations, it will also increase in value as it grows in size. Also unlike any other gift, it will pay you dividends every year in the form of delicious, expensive fruit for generations to come. Plant-O-Grams are also great for the environment; they are eco-friendly and economically sound gifts. The fruit is both delicious and medically beneficial. The trees are helpful to the environment and mental wellbeing of the owner.

How Can I leave a Legacy?
Sending a tropical or exotic fruit tree from Plant-O-Gram is leaving your mark or legacy on this planet. Most tropical fruit trees will outlive most human lifespans. Imagine your grandchildren and great grandchildren picking and eating mangoes off a 50 year old mango tree that you commissioned. You can look forward years from now and tell your heirs that you commissioned this great tree. Now that's leaving a legacy! Sort of like a "Johnny Appleseed."

Why do we use the word investment rather than cost when referring to Plant-O-Grams?
Simply put, cost refers to something that will take your money and then depreciate, like a new car costs $20,000, and will probably be worth considerably less as time passes. Investment on the other hand, refers to an upfront investment that will appreciate over time, like a 20 foot mango tree will be worth more than a 6 foot mango tree, the tree appreciates with time and size, all the while paying faithful dividends in the form of $1,000's worth of healthy, beneficial, eco-friendly fruit.

I want to send someone a Plant-O-Gram, but they live in a condo or apartment or rent a house, is it still possible to send them a Plant-O-Gram?
Sure! We have numerous exotic and tropical trees and plants that make great container plants for patios, balconies or even indoor for people in apartments or condos. Also, if someone is renting a living space or house, container plants are great since they will still be able to enjoy exotic fruit and will be able to take the container and plant with them when they move.

How often do I need to water and fertilize these trees?
Since different trees require different care, we include care instructions with all of our fruit trees.

How will the person I send the Plant-O-Gram to know that he/she has received a gift?
Once a Plant-O-Gram has been ordered and paid for, we will then prepare your gift to be shipped to the address that you've provided. The recipient will also receive a greeting card with your typed message.

How will a tropical fruit tree from Plant-O-Gram affect my home value?
It will increase it. For example, you are purchasing a home and you have two choices. Two homes in the same neighborhood, next to each other, same square footage, identical in every respect, except one has a mature mango tree in the backyard. Which one would you choose? The one without the mango tree, or the one that has a mature mango tree which will consistently provide you 100's of delicious, healthy mangos a year, valued at $2-3 each? Now that was an easy choice... Also, have you noticed that when looking at real estate listings, realtors will always mention if a home has mature fruit trees right on the listing. Why is that? Because it increases property value.

How do I pay for a Plant-O-Gram?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. In addition we will accept cash, money orders, as well as personal checks, with accompanying identification.

Can you customize corporate gift packages?
Yes, if you would like to have your corporate gifts customized, we can work with you to create a package that will emphasize your brand name and logo. Don't hesitate to call or email us for more details.

How do I choose the right tree to match the recipient?
There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the specific type of tree, one of them is origin. For example, if the recipient has a Jamaican background, an Akee tree might be a good choice since they may already be familiar with that tree since they share similar backgrounds and the tree will remind them of home. Another factor that you may consider is the medicinal uses/benefits of the tree. For example, if you know a person has problems associated with aging, a pomegranate tree might be a good choice since the fruits have an extraordinarily high concentration of anti-oxidants. Or, if someone is prone to getting many colds or flus, a Barbados cherry may be perfect since it has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit. One Barbados cherry is equivalent to 100% of your USDA recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, and the tree also bears fruit almost all year round. All the medical uses of the fruit trees we carry are readily available on our website. Also, if you would like, upon request we can put our tropical fruit tree knowledge to work for you and aid in matching the Plant-O-Gram to the recipient.

If I select a tree and the recipient would like a different tree, is it possible to make a change?
At Plant-O-Gram we want our clients to be completely satisfied with our products, so if the recipient would like to select another tree before we ship, that will not be a problem. We will make available to them all the other trees in that price selection.

I am in another state, country, or continent, can I still send a Plant-O-Gram to someone?
Definitely, you can be across country or across the world, and still show that someone special that you care by showering them with an exotic tropical fruit tree from Plant-O-Gram.