3 reviews for Surinam Cherry Grafted Black Star Variety Tree

Surinam Cherry Grafted Black Star Variety Tree
• Comes in 3 gallon container
• 1 inch diameter, reddish-black cherry when fully ripe
• Pumpkin-like shape
• Ripens May through June
• Full sun, drought tolerant
• Grows in almost all types of soil
• Bush, hedge, or small tree up to 25 feet in height
• Patio/Indoor growing Zones 4-11, Outdoors Zones 9b-11
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  • B
    • May 5, 2021 03:01
    I'm beyond happy!

    I received a beautiful, just beautiful tree!! It was taller than advertised which makes me so happy. It was securely packaged,and arrived with very moist soil. It's dropping some leaves which is a normal thing for these trees after being in a box. I bought a Barbados cherry and it did the same thing but bounced back without any problem so I'm not concerned. Overall great shopping experience!!

    • C
      • February 7, 2021 02:21
      Pitanga Tree “Blackstar” Surinam Cherry

      Update: the plant suddenly started losing all its leaves shortly after arrival. I repotted in a larger container because it had become root bound. It immediately stopped dropping leaves and now has red buds growing with new leaves (they turn dark green when they mature), as the customer service person assured me when I wrote them. I am so happy with this tree. I plan on planting in the middle of a slope in the backyard. This is the “Chilean Method” I read about in Dave the Good’s book Push the Zone. The cold air drops to the bottom so anything planted in the middle will gain several degrees frost protection. Another method is to keep in a pot and situate next to a south facing wall for frost protection. This allows to grow outside the zone. Thank you for having this tree available. I realize now why this is more expensive than the regular red pitanga. This one is grafted.

      • C
        • December 24, 2020 18:34
        Surinam Cherry “Black Star”

        What a beautiful tree. Very decorative and attractive. Healthy 5’ tall tree that is said to have sweet delicious fruit. Very happy with my purchase. Well protected during shipping and very well developed tree.