Natal Plum

• Comes in 3 gallon container
• Popular foundation, hedge, container, and groundcover plants
• Thick leathery leaves, durable through wind and salty ocean spray
• Can grow up to 20 ft in height, but can be pruned and kept at any size
• Plum red fruit, tastes like slightly sweet cranberry with texture of a ripe strawberry
• Fruits appear while plant blooms – in summer and fall (or fall and winter in warmer climates)
• Fruits can be eaten off the bush or made into pies, jams, etc.
• Fragrant white blossoms
• Rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous
• Full sun, tolerates partial shade, drought tolerant
• Tropical and subtropical regions (Zones 9-11)
• All parts of plant except for the ripe fruits are poisonous (be careful with pets)

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