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  • Akee Tree
    You save:$28.90( 22.8%)

    Akee Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Akee is a native of Jamaica and is used in it's National Dish, Akee and Fish. It is usually cooked and used in a similiar fashion as eggs. The tree is a great value since Akee is an expensive fruit and is rarely avaialable fresh, canned Akee Fruit usually retails for $8-12 per can.

    Availability: not available
  • All Spice Tree
    You save:$24.80( 23.7%)

    All Spice Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Allspice is an extremely versatile tree, it's flavor is similiar to a mix of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. The berries are ground and used to flavor meats, pickles and soups. The leaves which have a rich/strong aroma is also used as a rub to flavor meats, teas and other culinary uses. Oils extracted are also used in flavoring and pefumery. In certain part of the world Allspice leaves are placed throught the floor of the chapel when couples are being married, and as the guest trample on the leaves, the entire chapel is consumed by the strong pefume scent of Allspice.

    Availability: in stock
  • Atemoya Tree Grafted
    You save:$50.20( 29.6%)

    Atemoya Tree Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. Atemoya is a cross between the sugar apple rnand the cherimoya. The fruit is fragrant, firm, and it has a snowy-white flesh of a fine rntexture. They are generally conical to heart shaped, and may weigh up to 5 pounds. The rnpulp has fewer seeds than the sugar apple and the flesh is not divided into segments. rnExtremely sweet fruit, tree can be contained to 6-10 if needed.

    Availability: in stock
  • Avocado Tree Brogdon Variety Grafted
    You save:$36( 26.7%)

    • Comes in 3 gallon container • Purple skin, weighs about 8-12 oz. • Firm pulp with nutty flavor • Average height of 25 feet • Fruits July through September • Good shade producing tree • Full sun to partial shade • Zones 9b-11

    Availability: in stock
  • Avocado Tree Choquette Variety Grafted
    You save:$30.82( 23.8%)

    Avocado Tree Choquette Variety Grafted Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. This is a late season goliath 24-40oz which enjoys both commercial success and homeowner appreciation. This avocado is where quality intersects quantity, seson October-December. Makes a great shade tree.

    Availability: in stock
  • Avocado Tree Monroe Variety Grafted
    You save:$29.90( 23.3%)

    Avocado Tree Monroe Variety Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. This is a superb cold hardy variety that is a commercial favorite in Florida and throughout Tropical America. The fruit is large 16-24oz., abundant, and of excellent eating quality. Season November-January. Makes great shade tree.

    Availability: in stock
  • Avocado Tree Oro Negro Variety Grafted
    You save:$39( 24.6%)

    • Comes in 3 gallon container RARE Avocado Variety • Black fruit, excellent flavor and oil content, Great Producer • Creamy Butter texture • This Variety can be container grown

    Availability: in stock
  • Banana Plant IceCream Variety
    You save:$26.10( 34.4%)

    Banana Plant IceCream Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Ice Cream is considered a desert Banana, with other common names: 'Cenizo' of Central America and the West Indies; 'Krie' of the Philippines, is a relative of 'Bluggoe'. The flesh is white, sweetish, and tastes like vanilla ice cream and has the consistency of a custard, unlike the firm bananas we purchase in grocery stores. Often produces banana heads weighing 25 lbs.. Plants begin to bear in less than a year’s time.

    Availability: in stock
  • Banana Plant Plantain Variety
    You save:$26.10( 34.4%)

    Banana Plantain Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Used in cooking, very versatile. Can be used to make Plantain Chips which are a healthier alternative to potatoe chips. Great plant for decoration add tropical look to any garden.

    Availability: in stock
  • Bay Leaf/Bay Laurel Tree
    You save:$25( 21.8%)

    Bay Leaf tree in a 3 gallon container. Bay Leaf refers to the aromatic leaf of the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae). Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The leaves are often used to flavor soups, stews, braises and pâtés in Mediterranean Cuisine. The fresh leaves are very mild and do not develop their full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying.

    Availability: in stock
  • Black Pepper Vine
    You save:$18.80( 21.2%)

    Black Pepper vine in a 3 gallon container. Black pepper is a common spice and a staple on table around the world. They can be grown in a pot or raised bed in acid soil such as Canadian Peat. The plants prefer some shade. Black pepper is the dried unripe fruit of small one-seeded berrylike drupes about 50 to a catkin. They are usually picked when the first 'berry' begins to turn red. Before drying they may be used fresh green. When dried they become the black wrinkled peppercorns. They will flower in the spring and fruit ripen in summer. Excellent for the collector or the tropical spice novice as this is one of the easiest spices to grow. Makes a great container plant.

    Availability: in stock
  • Cacao/ Chocolate Tree
    You save:$30.60( 23.6%)

    Cacao Tree/Chocolate Tree shipped in it's 3 Gallon Container. This is the tree that produces Cacao pods and beans and ultimately chocolate. The cacao tree produces flowers and fruit year-round. The cacao tree is small and comes from the forests of Central and South America. In many cacao-producing countries the cacao beans are locally used for making "cocoa tea". Makes a great conversation Tree.

    Availability: in stock
  • Cardamom
    You save:$29.75( 27.4%)

    Cardamom plant in a 3 gallon container. Cardamom has a complex flavor. It's citrusy, minty, spicy and herbal all at the same time, and it's highly fragrant, too. Because of this, it's widely used in all sorts of dishes. You'll find it featured in sweet foods and savory foods, paired with meats, fruits, legumes and grains, incorporated into cookies, pastries and other baked goods and even used as a flavoring in coffee, tea and alcohol. It is a nice compliment to cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves and ginger (which it's related to), so you'll often see it used in conjunction with these spices.

    Availability: in stock
  • Cinnamon Tree
    You save:$30.95( 24.0%)

    Cinnamon Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Cinnamon is an evergreen shrub or small tree with dark, leathery, aromatic leaves. In cultivation young trees are cut back twice a year and sucker shoots develop from the roots. These long slender shoots furnish the bark that is the commercial product. The leaves are used in tea. Cinnamon is a very popular culinary spice and it is also used in candy, gum, incense, toothpaste and perfumes. The oil is used in medicine as a carminative, antiseptic, astringent and as the source of cinnamon extract. It's simple to this spice: you just peel the outer bark off, the branches, and leave it to dry in the sun. Once it's dry you'll have Cinnamon sticks.

    Availability: not available
  • $259.75$179.88
    You save:$79.87( 30.7%)

    Durian tree in a 3 gallon container. This is a highly unusual fruit produced in tropical countries in Southeast Asia. It is extraordinary in several aspects: In size, it is among the largest fruits in the world, second only to the breadfruit and the Jackfruit. In appearance, the hundreds of hard spikes on its skin are unique. In price, it is the most expensive even in a producing country. In taste, its rich, exotic flavor is incomparable. Yet, in smell, it is considered fetid and offensive by some, especially foreigners who have not tasted the fruit before.

    Availability: not available
  • Jackfruit Tree Grafted
    You save:$39.80( 25.0%)

    JackFruit Tree Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. Largest growing fruit on a tree, can weight between 30-70lbs. The fruit slightly softens and turns yellow when ripe. You will also notice the most wonderful fruity aroma! The firm yellow-orange pulp tastes like a combination of pineapples and bananas. This fruit is also a great conversation piece. They can be pruned annually to 12' x 12' producing as much as 200 Lbs. of fruit per year. Cooked green the fruit can be used as a vegetable. It can be boiled, fried, grilled, roasted, and prepared with sauces. The ripe fruit tastes like a combination of mango, banana, pineapple, and cantaloupe. It is often compared to juicy fruit gum. Makes a great stately tree for any landscape, can be used as an edbile alternative to a Magnolia tree, it will provide a similiar look but also provide 100's lbs of fruit.

    Availability: in stock
  • June Plum/Golden Apple Tree
    You save:$38.60( 30.1%)

    June Plum/Golden Apple Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Native to South-east Asia and found in Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador and parts of Central America. The dwarf ambarella is a fast growing plant that will produce fruit in less than one year, and at a height of only two feet. They are often eaten fresh, made into drinks and jellies that taste something like apple butter. They have a single sharp, rather large, spiny seed. They also fruit year round so one tree will provide more than enough fruit for a family. Can be container Grown.

    Availability: in stock
  • Lemon Bay Rum Tree
    You save:$39.80( 30.8%)

    Lemon Bay Rum tree in a 3 gallon container. Unique variety of Bay Rum with a refreshing lemon scent. The bayberry or bay rum tree (Pimenta racemosa) is a broadleaved tropical evergreen native to the islands of the Caribbean. The bay rum tree is known for the essential oil present in the leaves and stems. The oil, composed of terpenes, has a clove-like fragrance. Bay rum first came about as a 'rub' for sore muscles, strains, and sprains. It was also discovered that the essential oil contains a diterpene that has anti-bacterial properties. Bay rum was a popular aftershave in the early 20th century. It is literally made with the leaves of the tree and rum. Consequently, the aftershave has its spicy notes from the bay and its smoky, woody tones from the rum aged in casks.

    Availability: in stock
  • Lemon Grass
    You save:$23.30( 28.0%)

    Lemongrass plant in a 3 gallon container. Lemongrass is a tropical herb packed with strong citrus flavor. The lemon taste is prized in Asian cooking, as well as in teas, sauces, and soups. In the garden, lemongrass forms a tall, grassy clump 3 to 5 feet tall. Its appearance rivals that of many ornamental grasses and can easily fulfill a similar role in the landscape.

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree Baptiste Hatian Variety Grafted
    You save:$35.90( 26.6%)

    • Comes in a 3 gallon container • Originates from Haiti • Oval, smooth, non-waxy skin • Fruits weigh from 8-16 oz. and are very firm • Bright yellow to orange • Sweet flavor, considered a popular dessert mango

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree Carrie Semi-Dwarf Variety Grafted
    You save:$36.90( 27.2%)

    The Carrie is a semi dwarf variety grown in a 3 gallon container. Carrie is known best for its fiberless flesh, satisfying and mouthwatering mango that will keep you craving more. The best part is that this variety requires minimal care for both the fruit and tree. They have little to no problem with fungus or disease, making this the ultimate container kept fruit tree. Carrie ripens from June to July.

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree GuaMango (Guava variety Mango) Grafted
    You save:$43.40( 24.4%)

    The GuaMango is a semi dwarf variety grown in a 3 gallon container. The GuaMango (pronounced Gwa-Mango) tree is a gorgeous, leafy lush green when ready to fruit this beautiful specimen will put out astounding bushels of flowers that will then produce pink blush colored fruit (color of the inside of a guava fruit) taste of a guava with a fiber less mango flavor. (This flavor is described as a Rose’ compilation with an extra hint of sweetness added.) This gorgeous tree can be kept indoors (being a dwarf variety), makes a great addition to any space and still harvest fruit from

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree Heidi Variety Grafted
    You save:$37.40( 27.3%)

    Mango Tree Heidi Variety Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. Amazing Mango with outstanding aroma and flavor. Excellent for eating ripe right off the tree. Very popular in many countries especially South Africa and India. Makes a great shade tree.

    Availability: in stock
  • $169.80$119.90
    You save:$49.90( 29.4%)

    Honey Kiss mango Designer variety in a 3 gallon container. Honey Kiss? Yes, this mango has been bestowed the honor of being referred to as honey kiss, due to its rich, thick honey tones. This mango is a yellow/green color outside with a little red blush to it. It has a fibreless flesh which is a deep orange tone, somewhat reminiscent of the golden color of pure honey. This mango tree is a must have for any mango connoisseur and will make an excellent addition to any existing mango collection or as the first mango tree to start off your collection. This variety can also be container grown as a condo or patio mango tree if you live in a colder climate or if you wish to keep the plant to a more compact size. Being a designer variety, we only have a limited quantity available.

    Availability: in stock
  • $121.20$79.60
    You save:$41.60( 34.3%)

    The Moringa tree in a 3 gallon container is native to the Himalayan foothills in Northwestern India. Moringa is widely cultivated in areas such as Africa, Central and South America, Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is believed to be one of the most useful trees in the world. The fruits are 6-8 inch long, brown in color and have six visible veins. The leaves are 1-2 feet long and leaflets are in pairs of 6 to 9, with a width of 1/4 inches. The seeds of Moringa Oleifera are triangular in shape and astringent in taste.

    Availability: in stock
  • $183.60$129.80
    You save:$53.80( 29.3%)

    The Nutmeg Spice Tree in a 3 gallon container. This spice is known to have been a prized and costly spice in Europe. Nutmeg has a nutty cinnamon flavor that is used in savory dishes, desserts and drinks like eggnog.

    Availability: not available
  • $108.90$78.90
    You save:$30( 27.5%)

    Olive Tree Arbequina Variety in 3 Gal. Container. Arbequina is one of the principal olive varieties in Spain. This clone has an upright habit, ideal for high-density, machine-harvested plantings. It is a highly productive tree that bears fruit quickly. High in anti-oxidants. Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. The fruit is small and it has a high oil content, with excellent flavor, and a fruity and delicate aroma. It is a very good oil to blend with others or stand alone. Uniform ripening. It adapts well to cold and poor soil conditions, and is self-fertile.

    Availability: in stock
  • $108.90$78.90
    You save:$30( 27.5%)

    Frantoio is the most noted olive oil variety of Tuscany, Italy, and one of the most highly acclaimed oil varieties in the world. It is grown commercially in most olive growing regions including Italy, north Africa, Australia, Argentina and California. Under the name 'Paragon', Frantoio olives have also well proven themselves in most olive growing regions of Australia. The variety is self pollinating with high, constant productivity. Frantoio olive oil can be characterized as very fruity with a wonderful aroma. As well as being extremely fruity the oil also has a hint of green apple, with a scent of green leaves and grass, a small bitterness and more so pungent flavour, although nonetheless the sensation which this olive oil leaves is sweet, somewhat astringent and an almond flavour.

    Availability: in stock
  • Olive Tree Koroneiki Variety
    You save:$30( 27.5%)

    Olive Tree Koroneiki Variety in 3 Gal. Container. Smaller growing olive producing large crops of small fruit. The fruit is small ovoid and slightly asymmetric. It ripens early and yields are high and constant.It's quick growing and performs well in warmer climates since it has a low chill requirement. High oil content of up to 24%. High in anti-oxidants. Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. For pickling pick when olive changes from green to green/yellow or when black. For oil pick when black. Totally self-fertile, so ideal as an individual tree.

    Availability: in stock
  • Passion Fruit Vine Purple Possum Variety
    You save:$28.40( 27.5%)

    Passion Fruit Vine Purple Possum Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Passion fruit grow on a fast growing vine that climbs with tendrils. The flowers are large, showy, and extremely aromatic. They are also excellent butterfly attractants. The pulp is used extensively in fruit juice drinks like Hawaiian Punch, and it is often used in baked desserts as well. The Possum Purple fruit typically get to be about the size of a goose egg. Self pollinating. The fruit mix well in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and are also great in salads. Fast growing so will cover a wood/pvc fence fast and give them a green/natural look. Passion Fruit usually cost $3-4 a piece and a vine can produce 100's of fruit making it an excellent value.

    Availability: in stock

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