By Alexandra Willhouse

Picking the ideal fruits for your garden can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to deciding which fruits will be the most beautiful and tasty. Additionally, the health benefits of the fruit must be considered. This list includes fruits that will be top hits this upcoming spring.

5. Dragon Fruits

Known amongst Starbucks lovers for their renowned Dragon Fruit Refresher, dragon fruit has become increasingly popular for its vibrant taste. Additionally, they may be blended into smoothies, cut up for fruit salad, or even made into ice cream.

Dragon fruits are extremely appealing to the eye. Their bright pink color has made them a frequent addition to smoothie bowls, which creates a beautiful canvas for a picture-perfect breakfast.

4. Guava Fruits

Guavas are always a great addition to a morning smoothie, a healthy salad, or even an interesting ingredient to bake into cookies. Their tropical flare bolsters the brightness of spring and reinvigorates the body after a cold winter.

Additionally, guavas can increase heart health, help clear your skin, and raise your body’s immunity to common illnesses. Guava fruits would be a natural remedy that illuminates the skin for the upcoming months.

3. Lychees

If you're feeling under the weather, lychee fruits are a natural alternative to taking medicine. They have been known to reduce fever, help with a cough, and overall refresh the body.

Lychees pair well with gooseberries, mangos, pomegranates, strawberries, and matcha, which are other spring favorites. While they can be eaten on their own, lychees are often used in desserts like sherbet or paired with pistachio ice cream.

2. Mangos

Highly nutritious and extremely tasty, mangos are sure to be a top hit this season. Not only do they lower the risk of cancer and lower blood pressure, but they are also versatile in use. Salads, toast, and yogurt can be so much brighter and that much more delicious with a few added slices of mangos.

Their tropical flavor brings a feeling of relaxation and reminds us that summer is on its way. After a stressful day, being able to come home to a sweet mango slushie may just turn a frown upside down.

1. Avocados

Of course, avocados must take the cake for the fruit of the season. Their undoubted popularity began in the 1990s, and it isn’t surprising that they are still considered trendy. Constantly featured in aesthetic Instagram photos, avocados are enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds: influencers, adults, teenagers, and health junkies alike.

Ring in Spring the right way with avocados. Whether it be perfect spread for your toast, an ingredient in home-made guac, or simply sprinkled with salt and pepper, they provide a multitude of nutritional options while maintaining their yummy flavor.