Jake Peterson for PlantOGram

We’re getting close to being a quarter of the way through 2019 and it’s fixing to be a big year for fruit. Not only because more people are likely to name their children after fruit (and vegetables), but because there are numerous fruits set to take a popularity jump this year.

If you haven’t already incorporated an off the beaten path fruit into your diet or are unsure where to start, take a look at four fruits that are set to trend in 2019. 

4. Dragon Fruit

This superfruit is high in nutrients, being filled with vitamins and minerals. The fruit has been linked to fighting certain diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Many people use dragon fruit in their salads, smoothies, yogurts, fruit salads or just eating it solo. Either way, you can’t really go wrong!

While these fruits are expensive on their own (around $5-8), the best way to get your hands on this delicious fruit is with a tree. You’ll have various options to choose from so check them out when you can!

3. Star Fruit

Star fruit is just like its name suggests: a fruit shaped like a star. You might have heard of it by its second name: carambola. This fruit is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, along with other key nutrients.

The fruit has been linked to lowering fatty liver risk, cholesterol and inflammation. Doctors do caution that those with kidney problems should avoid eating star fruit, or at least consult a doctor beforehand.

Star fruit goes well with a number of dishes, and is often used in Asian or Indian style curries and plates. Check out the star fruit tree here to get yours today!

2. Passion Fruit

Out of all three fruits listed so far, passion fruit is probably the most well known. This South American fruit is now grown in all parts of the world, from Florida to New Zealand. It is a great source of fiber, iron and protein.

In addition, the fruit has been linked to reducing cardiovascular risk factors such as systolic blood pressure and fasting blood glucose.

The fruit is unique, because you can see the pulp, seeds, and everything in between. Preparation is quite easy too, as you can just eat it from a shell using nothing but a spoon! Have a look at the various passion fruit options we have here.

1. Jackfruit

Jackfruit lives up to its name, being a jack of all trades fruit, having a great mixture of tastes and being pack with nutrients. It contains almost every key vitamin and mineral out there, meaning a few slices are one of the best decisions for your day.

The most unique part about this wonder fruit is its high protein content, turning it into a meat substitute for some. Not only that, but it has been shown to benefit blood sugar control and protect against inflammation. It’s great for your heart and skin too!

The jackfruit tree can give you up to 200 pounds of jackfruits annually, meaning your days will be pack with key nutrients and vitamins your body desperately needs. Have a look right here!