By: Kk Elizabeth Cranston

Fall is just around the corner, which means, in addition to ordering a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and wearing cozy sweaters, you’ll need to take extra steps in getting your plants ready! Here are five essential steps in preparing your plants for the upcoming fall:

Step 1: Check your Plants’ Appearances:

Before your plants join your home for the fall, remove any loose pieces, broken twigs or insects. This maintains your plants’ health and overall appearance.

Step 2: Bring Your Plants Inside

This is the easiest (and most obvious) step. As the weather becomes cooler, welcome your beloved plants inside your home.

Step 3: Purchase Some Glow Lights

During the fall and winter seasons, natural light steadily decreases. As a result, you’ll need to purchase some LED grow lights; these lights are essential since they provide additional and natural-like light for your plants. HGTV recommends that you purchase LED lights “between 4000 and 6000 kelvin.”

Step 4: Bubble Wrap your Plant’s Pots

After you place your plants under the glow lights, wrap some bubble wrap around your plant’s pots. This provides additional warmth for your plants. Warmth is a key ingredient in protecting your plants against the harsh weather.

Step 5: Create a Watering Schedule

It is possible to dehydrate your plant if they are under grow lights for too long and receive little water. Therefore, write and keep a tight schedule for watering your plants, which you can easily do with several apps, such as WaterMe. WaterMe (and similar apps) remind you to water your plants.

Remember that different plants have unique needs, so make sure to research how much water all of your plants need.

By following these few yet crucial steps, you can better ensure your plants’ health and well-being. Comment down below which plant you're most excited about bringing into your home!