There’s certain times of the year when businesses are expected to give gifts to their clients. Holidays, to commemorate special events, and sometimes as a gesture of kindness. This fosters a good relationship and keeps those clients coming back. But since all businesses do this, does it really foster a good relationship or is it just another political move? Is the end result any different than schmoozing at a charity ball?

So how can you set your business apart from your competitors? How can you find a gift that not only won’t offend anyone, but will make your clients happy? You have to do something different than flower baskets, cookies, candy, wine or gift cards. That’s what your competitors are doing. And there’s many other things to consider when gifting things like that. Gift cards are impersonal and seem like no thought went into the gift. Wine is great unless the recipient doesn’t drink. Cookies and candy could send someone into anaphylactic shock if there’s nuts in them (talk about bad press!). And finally flowers...what about those clients who are allergic? It seems everything causes another problem. There’s no universal gift you can plan to give all of your clients.

On top of those problems, those gifts are consumable. The clients eats or uses them, or more likely gives them away, and then your gift is forgotten. So what do you do?

The answer is something that lasts generations, increases in value annually, yields capital gains, provides $1000's worth in dividends, is good for your health, the environment, actually tastes good, and costs just around $50. A PlantOGram. PlantOGram offers rare and exotic fruit trees that you can gift to your clients. The fruit tree will be a constant reminder to your clients. Every time they eat a fruit or share one with a friend or family member they will mention your business.

This is essentially free advertising as you would be sending gifts regardless, and these trees will serve as constant word of mouth advertising. Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch. Send your clients a green, eco-friendly fruit tree.