With a name like Cotton Candy and Mango put them together and what do you get?? The best of both worlds! Finally a mango that


brings out our childhood favorites and did I mention that this is 100% healthy for you? YUP you heard right... 100% healthy it's fruit.

This mango is PlantOGram's Designer Mango Variety it's not a mango that your going to find in your local super market or far

mers market like the Valencia Pride Mango ,Julie Mango or even the Lancetilla Mango.

Valencia Pride Mango

Julie mango Valencia Pride shown above Julie Mango shown above Lancetilla Mango shown above

Close your eyes and experience the taste of this mango infused cotton candy flavor. Cotton Candy is packed with sweet flavors and a thick pulp. The tree is considered a dwarf variety tree and a great producer. The tree itself can be container grown and pruned to maintain a healthy height of 5-7 feet. Watering only when needed. Remember Mango's don't like to be in wet soil.

Cotton Candy Makes a fun edition to any garden or indoor home plant just the name sounds like a great icebreaker... What kind of mango is that?? and it's in your home?? It's a Cotton Candy Mango Tree and yes it's indoor and grows very well in a container! Wham!