CharityBuzz finally goes live with this years items to be auctioned at Russell Simmons' ART FOR LIFE 20th Anniversary event gala. Plant O Gram will be auctioning off two items at the event: a "Fruit of The Gods" Mini Exotic Orchard and an "Exotic Lost World" Mini Exotic Orchard.

"Fruits of The Gods"

This Orchard collection contains some of the rarest fruit varieties from around the world from the elusive Jambolan Tree, refereed to in ancient Vedic Scriptures as the fruit that were consumed by the GODS to the world renowned Kesar Mango the most expensive mango variety in the world.

mangogodfruitKesar Mango- "queen of mangoes" is widely grown in the Gujarat state of India. It has a unique, sweet taste. The Kesar is characterized by its golden color with green overtones.

"Exotic lost World"

This Orchard collection contains plants that are mostly obscure to the western world. Including the exotic Jaboticaba fruit tree from deep within the Amazon rain-forest, to the intoxicating Michelia Alba flower whose sweet, entrancing aroma is know to linger around holy grounds throughout Asia.


Michelia- found in southern China; it has a large, delicate white flower. The scent is used extensively in aroma therapy products as well as Joy perfumery. 

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation will celebrate their 20th Anniversary and 16th Annual ART FOR LIFE Hamptons Benefit Event on Saturday, July 18th. The event will be hosted by Soledad O'Brien with a performance from Bell Bive Devoe and music by DJ M.O.S. The Rush foundation, which was founded in 1995 by Danny Simmons, Russell Simmons, and Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, is built on the celebration of the creative energy of inner city youth, honored for their success of work that betters their communities. ART FOR LIFE also provides New York City kids with the exposure to different art forms and supports artists that are emerging on the scene by giving them exhibition opportunities. Plant O Gram is honored to be apart of such an amazing event!