School is just around the corner!  We have a fun craft you can do with your kids after school, so you can still spend time together while encouraging their creativity!

Fruit Prints



Apples, oranges, lemons, kiwis

Poster paints

Paper plate


Felt-tip pen (any color, or matching fruit)

White drawing paper or card paper


Cut a piece of fruit in half.Pour a little poster paint onto a paper plate. Spread it evenly over the bottom of the plate with a paintbrush.
Press the cut side of the fruit into the paint.
Lift the fruit from the plate.
Press the painted fruit onto the white drawing paper. Be careful not to move the fruit as you print.
Count to 10.
Carefully lift the fruit to see the print.
Practice making as many as you want.
To create a greeting card, make one print in a corner of a piece of stock card. Then decorate another side with a felt-tip pen.
Idea from: Right@Home
More info about Fruits Trees: