Why Should You Use Homemade Fruit Scrubs?

If you are a fruit lover, you would like to integrate fruits in your daily life in more than one way! Using fruit scrubs is an excellent way to do that!
Making a fruit scrub is simple. While eating a fruit, just make sure that you keep a small portion that can be mixed with a granular substance and used on your face.
They are cheap ways of giving the best treatment to your skin, unless, of course, the fruit you use as a base is too expensive!
Fruits have nutrients and enzymes that are gentle on your skin, these natural ingredients are effective on your skin without exposing it to the dangers of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Fall/Winter Face Scrub

Oranges have an unique citrus fragrance that revitalizes your senses. Take an orange (1/4 part) and two spoons of cornmeal. Squeeze out the orange juice and mix it with cornmeal. Make a paste. Now wash your face and apply it on your face. Scrub gently and wash off after three minutes. Follow up with a mild moisturizer. It is a perfect treat for your skin during the fall and winter months.

Helpful Tips

Do not use facial scrub more than two times in a week.
Make sure that the granules you use in homemade scrubs are ground finely.
We your face with water before using a scrub.
Do not scrub for more than three or four minutes.
After scrubbing, use a light moisturizer.

Idea from Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog

More info about Fruit Trees: http://www.plantogram.com