Not only “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true, but also eating large amounts of fruit and vegetables daily improves mental health, new research finds.

The University of Queensland study revealed that eating at least eight portions a day of fruits and vegetable has an impressive on a person’s well-being.


For the study, Dr. Redzo Mujcic, researcher at the University of Queensland, gathered data from 12,000 Australian adults go analysize how their intake of fruit and vegetables corresponds to their level of mental health.

“The current guidelines for five vegetables and two fruits per day are based on physical health. We wanted to look at the effect fruit and vegetables have on life satisfaction, distress and overall vitality,” he said. “The existing guidelines need to be reviewed. Our research found that eating five fruits and vegetables a day is ideal, and less than ten per cent of Australians are eating this amount.”

Even though following this advice sounds expensive, Dr. Mujcic said the study considered many socio-economic factors and used information from household studies.

According to his statement, international studies confirm the study’s claim. “There was one study from the UK and one from New Zealand which found that people are at their happiest with eight portions of fruit and vegetables,” he said.

The study also found that fruits have a larger impact on mental health than vegetables, women having a greater mental health benefit from eating fruits and vegetables than men.

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