We have over 40+ types of mango's to choose from one of our most asked about mango is the Choc Anon Mango Tree also known as the "Miracle Mango Tree" Why??? Let me explain

choc anon

The Choc Anon Mango gets it's name from Thailand it has been said to the most best tasting mango. It got it's nickname "Miracle Mango" from producing 2 crops a year! That's right you heard me 2. It would produce one crop in the winter and one crop in the summer. If your a person that loves mango and would be happy having it all though the year this would make a great addition to your garden.

This variety of mango is considered to be a dwarf mango and can be kept in a container so you can keep this mango inside by the fire place or even in the kitchen!

Do you grow mango's? What variety do you have? We would love to see your mango's send us a picture and tag us in it!