LIMITED QUANTITIES BACK IN STOCK Achacha, Garcinia Humilis tree in a 3 Gallon Container. This plant is a close relative of the esteemed Mangosteen plant and is grown in parts of the Amazon Basin as well as Bolivia. This Super fruit is cherished by locals and its local name Achachairú translate to Honey Kiss. This super fruit is relatively new to home growers and has won third place at a recent fruit tasting festival in Berlin. This egg shaped super fruit are about 6cm by 4cm in size and a beautiful orange-reddish color when ripe. This unique super fruit has an extraordinary shelf life, it can be stored for days in a fruit bowl at room temperature or if can be kept for several weeks if store in a closed container or bag. What solidifies the Achacha's place as a super fruit is that is boasts a rich antioxidant content, as well as folate, potassium and vitamin C. The fruit skin also has a healthy dose of betacarotene, hydroxycitrate acid (HCA), arginine and other minerals. Super Fruit in the Garcinia family such as the Achacha contain a natural substance hydroxycitrate acid (HCA), in their skins. Studies have shown hydroxycitrate has unique properties that may help people who are looking to maintain a healthy body weight, when included as a part of a low calorie eating plan. Just wash and remove the skin, blend it, add water and leave it to brew overnight for a refreshing drink. This is a limited production collectors variety plant so supplies are limited. This plant does well in containers so can be grown practically anywhere even in cold climates as a patio container plant. An Achacha Thirst Quencher drink makes a great hunger suppressant.