Achacha Super Fruit Tree

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Achacha Super Fruit Tree
One of the most trendy and popular fruits from Australia, now made available here in the USA! Flavors of Longan, Lychee, and Rambutan! All in one little fruit!
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  • Overview

    Here’s why you need an Achacha:

    • Super Fruit
    • Long Shelf Life
    • Rich antioxidant, folate, potassium & Vitamin C

    Related to the Mangosteen Family, this savory refreshing fruit is the most popular fruit in Australia and now made available in the States! Unique flavors of Longan, Lychee and Rambutan all at the same time once you sink your teeth into this exotic beauty!

    Achacha trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with one plant but adding an additional Achacha plant will increase your crop!

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    weight:9.99 lbs
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Achacha Super Fruit Tree
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