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Miracle Fruit Tree
One of the most miraculous fruits to eat! Just one berry to experience sweetness without the addition of sugar to sour foods!
Seen in the NY Times, CNN and on the Hallmark Channel!

- Lemons taste like sweet lemonade
- Guinness Stout beer tastes like chocolate milk
- Even broccoli and cauliflower taste like sweet apple
- Mothers use them to introduce new vegetables to their children
- They're a great tool for anyone looking to increase their calorie intake
- Some like to throw Miracle Berry parties, where everyone samples a variety of foods
- They make for a unique, thoughtful gift
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    • November 28, 2018 07:35

    My co-workers surprised me with this huge tree. I didnt know what a Miracle Fruit was but when I researched it and tried my first fruit I was in shock. Best gift ever