3 Reasons to Plant a Tree

Jake Peterson for PlantOGram

They often say there are two kind of people in the world, those with green thumbs and those without green thumbs. OK, well maybe it’s not the most common saying, but it certainly can be true!

Managing a garden is hard work: lots of watering, constant maintenance, fighting weeds and maybe your pet from digging up all your hard earned work.

Fortunately, there’s a project that everyone can take part in: planting a tree. Planting a tree is a bit more straightforward than some complicated flowers and it has numerous benefits besides just making your garden or yard look nicer. 

#3 It’s good for the environment

It can be hard to find a way to “do your part” to help combat climate change, but planting a tree is one of them. Trees are fantastic at helping you do your part, as they absorb carbon dioxide and later releasing oxygen back into the air. It may be third grade science, but it’s an important step in maintaining our environment.

With this, trees make the air much cleaner and help you breathe easier. There’s a big reason the Land Down Under is planting a billion trees to help fight climate change and why this movement is gaining steam around the world.

For your home benefit, trees help prevent soil erosion and rainwater runoff. Instead of the water running into a nearby waterway and create potential flooding, the trees and the soil around can absorb a lot of the water, holding it in instead of having it run away.

So now you know the benefits, but which tree to pick out? If you’re a first time tree planter, try out the Achacha Super Fruit Tree, it’s one of the best sellers and a beautiful tree, a perfect compliment for your yard!

#2 It’s good for your home

We know that planting trees is good for the environment, but did you also know planting a tree is good for your home?

Studies show that trees (and more importantly, good tree cover) can increase property value anywhere between 5-15%. It’s a much easier way to increase your home value instead of tearing up your kitchen, putting new floors down or remodeling the guest bathroom.

Of course, the value of your home can be up to the buyer’s preference but there’s no doubt that a tree adds more appeal to your home, making it look more beautiful.

If you’re not looking to put your home on the market, no worries, trees are also good for you home! Think about those extreme weather months, the heat of summer and the cold, dark days of winter (but think more about summer, at least you can go to the beach). Trees provide shade from the boiling summer sun and shelter from those nasty winter winds.

With these benefits, you’ll spend less on your electric bill, not having to blast the heat or turn on the AC.

One of those great trees is the Bay Rum Tree, a beautiful tree that can spruce up your yard and improve the quality of your home.

#1 It creates a lifelong memory

When I was 6 years old, my grandparents and I planted a tree in their front yard. Being a six-year old, I probably wasn’t excited about the moment and it’s likely my brother and I decided to roll down the hill for 30 minutes.

Nonetheless, I was “present” for the tree planting and was able to take part in something that still stands today. Over the years, we have watched that tree grow from being just a few feet high to now towering over the roof in their front yard.

Every time I go to their house, I always look at that tree and think about all the wonderful, great times I have had with my grandparents and how lucky I’ve been to have them around for so many years.

So, take time to plant a tree with a loved one, your children, family or a group of friends. You’ll be leaving a permanent mark on the world, helping the environment and making whatever area it is more beautiful.

People will use the tree for shade on a hot day, to pick fruit from, home base in a game of tag, or to stop a read a book. When you plant a tree, you’re not just putting something in the ground, you’re making a memory and a landmark for others.

It’d be even more fun to take some food from your tree and whip up a perfect dish. A popular choice is the Avocado Tree Brazos Belle, who knows what you could make from that?