Tamarind Tree

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Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. The tamarind is a graceful stately tree commonly found in the south Florida landscape and growing wild along Central American roadsides. The fruit hang in clusters peapod like legumes typically six to eight inches long. The fruit is eaten fresh, in candies, and in sauces. In fact, it is one of the primary ingredients of Worcestershire, as well as numerous other jerk and barbeque sauces. Makes a great stately shade tree.

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  • Overview

    Here’s why you need a Tamarind:

    Beautiful, Stately indoor plants that will produce fresh fruit pods in 1-2 years
    Unique lush green foliage
    Very hardy plant that can with stand temperatures down to 25-30 F
    Great source of Vitamin’s A, C, B, Iron, Zinc, Fiber and more!

    Sweet, Tart & Unique Fruit

    Low-Maintenance one of the easiest plants you will ever care for! One of the Strongest plants that can thrive in coastal areas with high level of wind resistance and salt tolerant. These exotic trees will illuminate your space with it’s gorgeous full foliage of delicate green leaves. Followed by the savory tan colored pods, when cracked open this fresh fruit can be eaten fresh or sugared to be eaten as a candy and even used in many homemade beverages and desserts.

    Tamarind trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with one plant but adding an additional Tamarind plant will increase your crop.
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Tamarind Tree
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