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    Costa Rican Mint Tree in a 3 Gal. Container. Satureja means Savory. Satureja viminea is rna very minty savory with great possibilities. The small 1/2 to 1/4 inch oval, glossy, rnlime green foliage can match any spearmint for potency, and yet it is not saddled with rnMint’s aggressive nature. Even though it is frost sensitive it grows quite vigorously in rnone season and can be moved indoors. It grows well in a pot and survives inside with rngood light. Legend says that the mint plant grows into a tree only after a great deal of rntime and care... This plant is used for making a famous Kama Sutra Luxury Mint Tree Bath rnGel and Body Wash. This voluptuous cleansing liquid has a dedicated worldwide following rnof men and women who know bathing's true pleasure potential. The Kama Sutra Mint Tree rnBathing Gels are a great way to turn the simple ritual of a bath or shower into a rnsensual interlude with these indulgent bathing gels. Mint Tree cools and tingles, rninvigorating the body and lifting the spirit. Satureja viminea is a large shrub or small rntree with strongly scented mint leaves. Fragrance is pure and very intence. Very rare rnplant. Unlike a well-known peppermint herb, this plant has a woody stem and upright rngrowth, though keeps a bushy shape. Can be trained into a small tree. Reaches 6-7 ft in rnheight. Foliage strongly peppermint-scented.

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  • Fig Tree Ischia Green Variety
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    Fig Tree Ischia Green Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. With a history that dates back to 5,000 B.C. the edible fig is one of the most widely recognized and distributed fruits in the world. They were first introduced to the New World through Mexico in 1560 and then to California in 1769. It is one of the few fruits that can be grown in all fifty states, and there are a multitude of varieties suitable to each growing region. The Black Mission and especially the Brown Turkey variety are the two best for tropical and subtropical climates. Black Mission figs are teardrop in shape with thin black skin and a reddish flesh. Sweeter than honey these larger figs are the cream of the crop. They provide 2 crops a year.

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  • Grape Vine Purple Muscadine Variety
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    Grape Vine Purple Muscadine Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Muscadine grapes are native to the southern United States where they are grown both commercially and in the home garden. Unlike northern grapes, fruits are produced in small clusters or singularly on the vine. There may be a little as 3- 10 grapes per cluster. Muscadines are generally more resistant to disease than bunch grapes. They are also categorized by their color: black (dark purple) or bronze.

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  • Nectarine Tree Grafted
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    Nectarine Tree Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. This Nectarine Tree is a long time favorite in the Deep South. This medium sized bright red nectarine even produces well in warm Winter areas such as Florida. The firm, yellow flesh with sweet, delicious flavor ripens mid-May to early June. Low chill requirement so will do well in warm climates.

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  • Mulberry Tree Giant Variety
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    Mulberry Tree Giant Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. Mulberries taste similar to blackberries, and they will stain your hands and lips like black berries as well. They are excellent eaten right out of hand, but they are often used to preserves, jellies, and jams. The leaves of the mulberry are cultivated in many parts of the world as food for silk worms. Giant mulberries are about 2-3 times the size of regular mulberries.

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  • Pitomba Tree
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    Pitomba Tree in 3 Gallon Container. Pitomba are another highly ornamental Eugenia from Brazil. The fruit have an apricot flavor and color. The trees can be container grown, hedged, or grown as a specimen.

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  • Apple Tree Dorsett Golden Variety Grafted
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    Apple Tree Dorsett Golden Variety Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. No chilling requirement is necessary for Dorsett Golden Apple tree to set a crop on this yellow medium-size apple that originated in the Bahama Islands. Great apple for use in Apple Pies.

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  • Tea Plant Large Leaf Variety
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    Tea Plant Large Leaf Variety in a 3 Gallon Container. The Tea plant is a small shrub about 1-2 meters in height, though it will grow taller if you don't prune it. In the fall, your tea shrub will flower with small white blossoms that have a delightful scent. These plants are often grown as ornamentals. For planting, Camellia sinensis likes well-drained and sandy soil that is on the acidic side. If you are going to grow your tea in a container, add some sphagnum moss to the potting mix. The Leaves of this plant are used to make teas including Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Black Tea.

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