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Costa Rican Mint, Jamaican Mint Tree, Kama Sutra Menta

Costa Rican Mint, Jamaican Mint Tree, Kama Sutra Menta
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Common name: Costa Rican / Jamaican Mint Tree, Kama Sutra Menta
Botanical name: Satureja viminea

Lamiaceae / Labiatae

Origin: Costa Rica
Damage temp:

28 Degrees F


Costa Rican Mint Tree in a 3 Gal. Container. Satureja means Savory. Satureja viminea is rna very minty savory with great possibilities. The small 1/2 to 1/4 inch oval, glossy, rnlime green foliage can match any spearmint for potency, and yet it is not saddled with rnMint’s aggressive nature. Even though it is frost sensitive it grows quite vigorously in rnone season and can be moved indoors. It grows well in a pot and survives inside with rngood light. Legend says that the mint plant grows into a tree only after a great deal of rntime and care... This plant is used for making a famous Kama Sutra Luxury Mint Tree Bath rnGel and Body Wash. This voluptuous cleansing liquid has a dedicated worldwide following rnof men and women who know bathing's true pleasure potential. The Kama Sutra Mint Tree rnBathing Gels are a great way to turn the simple ritual of a bath or shower into a rnsensual interlude with these indulgent bathing gels. Mint Tree cools and tingles, rninvigorating the body and lifting the spirit. Satureja viminea is a large shrub or small rntree with strongly scented mint leaves. Fragrance is pure and very intence. Very rare rnplant. Unlike a well-known peppermint herb, this plant has a woody stem and upright rngrowth, though keeps a bushy shape. Can be trained into a small tree. Reaches 6-7 ft in rnheight. Foliage strongly peppermint-scented.

A plant belonging to the mint family, is native to southern Europe and generally cultivated in gardens in this country. It grows well under a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. The dried herb formerly came to this country from Austria.
It is grown easily from seeds sown early in spring in rows 3 feet apart. Drill the seeds to a depth of half an inch at the rate of 10 to 12 to the foot. The plants will form a solid row if spaced 3 to 4 inches apart in the row. Only a few feet of row will furnish enough of the herb for family use. In good soil plants grow 16 to 18 inches high and require little cultivation.
The tender leaves and stems may be used any time during the season, but for drying 6 to 8 inches of the top growth should be cut when blooming begins. Sometimes two or more crops can be harvested in one season.
The top growth as cut from the plants may be tied in small bunches or spread on screens or paper to dry. When thoroughly dry, the leaves should be stripped from the stems and stored in closed containers. Care should be taken to remove all small pieces of woody stems, as they interfere with the use of the leaves in flavoring foods.
The leaves, fresh or dry, may be added to water for cooking string beans or used in soups, stuffings, and sauces for veal and poultry, and also in egg dishes and salads. This herb is one of the most satisfactory mixers.


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