August 14, 2014

This Rare Hatian mango variety was recently introduced into the United States and is considered as the Queen of Hatian Mango, many even say that its quality surpassed other Hatian Mangos such as the Madam Francis.  Baptiste was selected in Haiti, where it is grown on a commercial scale. The fruit are oval, with a smooth, non-waxy skin, weighing from 8 to 16 oz. They are bright yellow to orange and are exceptionally firm, with surprisingly little fiber. The flesh is a deep orange, with a sweet flavor considered a popular dessert mango. Baptiste  is popular in Haiti, and can be found in local markets, but it is mostly unknown outside of the island. The tree is ease to manage for size and has characteristically small leaves with a light green color.



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August 13, 2014

     Do you love ice cream? Of course you do! Plantogram offers more mangoes then you can ever imagine. The Mango Tree Ice Cream Dwarf Variety is a sweet, rich, fruit flavored, reminiscent of mango sorbet, and is fiber free. This tree makes an excellent container for growing and can stop at the height of just six feet. Plantogram takes excellent care of all their trees, so if we can save it, we contain it. The Mango Tree Ice Cream Dwarf can grow anywhere simply because, it is able to be stored into a container. Sounds Delicious! Since the Ice Cream Mango tree grows in a container, you can grow your own "condo tree", and have beautiful yellow mangoes just like the one's you see here at Plantogram. Enjoy the smooth taste of the Ice Cream Mango that is safe.

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Mango Tree Ice Cream Dwarf Variety Grafted ―

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August 12, 2014

     Mangos, Mangos, and even more Mangos! Did you know that there are different varieties of mangos? When you're craving that sweet, juicy, essential flavor, Plantogram is here for you. Bombay Mango is an Indian/Jamaican well-known mango that has a full rich mango flavor, and is ready to be eaten. Plantogram mangos aren't just for eating and the perfection of taste, they actually have great advantages. One advantage is that mangos can benefit your health because it helps in digestion, fight cancer, regulating diabetes, and even weight loss. Bombay Mangos can be eaten after being washed, used as an ingredient (making chutney), packed in sugar, or sliced to make decorated fruit baskets. Even when your body needs that cool breeze in the summer, try standing under a Bombay Mango tree; it's excellent for shade. Clients love our variety of fruits and interesting facts so much, they just have to tell a friend! You can do the same for your loved ones. Plantogram is not just a nursery providing fruits, we also care to be there for the health of our customers.

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Bombay Mangos  Bombay-mango



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August 9, 2014

Mango cultivar that is considered by many to be one of the best in terms of sweetness and flavor although it does have a short shelf life. It is also one of the most expensive kinds of mango rnand is grown mainly in western India. It is in season April through May and the fruit weigh between 150g and 300g rneach. Considered the King of Mangos, small shipments of fruit are imported from India and are available in limited quantities at India grocery stores they sell for $45 per box of 10 mangos. These grafted Alphonso Mango trees are an amazing value, for the price of a few fruit, you can own your very own tree, your own source of high quality rnAlphonso Mangos. These mangos have such a strong aroma you can't hide them in your house, your guests will smell the sweet Mango aroma as soon as they enter your home!



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August 9, 2014

      Delicioso Mango! Yes, Mango. Mango is a seasonal fruit tree that grows in the tropics inside many regions of India. Mango trees grow so healthy, tall and is long lived. People—want to ensure that your body takes in a juicy mouthwatering flavored fruit that can prevent you from getting cancer. Mango provides all the essential nutrients and minerals our body needs. Eating mangos prevents breast cancer, prostate cancer, clears the skin, and even builds your immune system. Mangos can grow anywhere including a nursery, and can be stored in an airtight container to freeze for healthy snack later. What is your favorite mango? Here at Plantogram, we offer a variety of Mangos such as Alphonso, Bombay, Carrie Semi-Dwarf, Baptiste Hatian, and more. Sounds Delicious! Plantogram is here to make sure you experience a different taste every time you take a bite. Ready to eat your way to a long healthier life, try our fresh extremely rare mangos here at Plantogram, and you will absolutely want more! 

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August 8, 2014

     Looking for a tree that will help you live longer? We have just the right one for you. Trees clean the air that we breathe, provide oxygen we need to live, and most of all, food that we consume like fruits. Here at Plantogram, we strive to provide you and your loved ones with the best fruits that grow from our trees. Fruits play a very important role in your diet by keeping your body healthy. Fruits can protect your body from diseases such as heart disease, chronic disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. Just name the fruit you or your family enjoy eating such as mangos, apples, berries, or oranges, and we got it! Enjoy life and have fun with assorted fruit trees as a gift. It's not just for eating, it's a token of our expression from Plantogram to you!

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