One of the many key essential points to home décor is accent pieces. Whether it is bright colored throw pillows on a neutral color couch or an abstract piece of art hung on the wall, accent pieces always gives a home a simply, but fashionable, design. Another great why to decorate your home is with floral and plants. Floral and plants make great accent pieces because they can be arranged as the center piece of a coffee table or an elegant piece to fill that empty space in the corner. Taking in a plant and placing it in a modern, abstract container can make all the differences. The best types of plants for this type of home décor would be container plants and standing dwarf trees to make your home look great. 

Plant O Gram offers a variety of options when it comes to looking for great floral and plant décor. A great example of the perfect standing plant to put in that corner that just needs a little extra something would be the Sugar Can Plant.

Potted Sugar Canes

It is an easy to take care of, container plant that looks similar to the bamboo plant but is a great alternative because this plant is edible! The stems stand about 4-12 feet tall varying on the maturity of the plant, but the fanned out grass that grows atop the plant can also provide privacy. This makes it a perfect plant to put next to a window or patio door. And home décor doesn’t just mean indoors, sprucing up your patio or porch is easily done with the right fruit tree and modern container.

Potted Star Fruit Tree

Plant O Gram has many exotic standing trees that bare beautiful and bright fruit and flowers that are seasonal. Such as the yellow dragon fruit plant and the star fruit tree. So, this is one accent piece you will continue to have each year and it will never go out of style.