So a lot of us live in a colder climate area or just want to feel like were living in paradise! I don't blame you having or adding fruit trees to your landscape outdoors (weather permitting) adds value to your home and putting fruit trees indoors in beautiful containers lets you wake up in a tropical paradise every day ! (LUCKY YOU)

So here are the do's for Container Gardening your PlantOGram Fruit Tree:

  • Select a container that has several drainage holes and is about 1/2 size bigger than the shipping pot.
  • Plant on the same level set the roots into the soil so that the growing point stays just at the same level with the soil surface. If the plant is set too deep the stem may rot.
  • Potting Mix make sure to use a well-drained potting mix. Adding a drainage layer at the bottom is beneficial. DO NOT use top soil or any other garden soil for potted plants!
  • Water only when the soil is dry to the touch and let it drain. DO NOT water if the soil is already wet. Tropical plants don’t like their feet wet.Leaves & Stems remove any yellowed leaves or damaged branches using sharp clippers. For the tops of trees that are broken because of shipment, trim below the break and the plant will put on new growth within 4-6 weeks. Some large size plants are slightly pruned for shipment.
  • Light DO NOT plant your tree out of the package and directly into full sun.
  • DO NOT fertilize for at least six to eight weeks. After that use a balanced slow release fertilizer similar to osmocote 14-14-14 once a month during warm seasons only.