What lasts longer compared to a lifetime, climbs up in value annually, capital gains, offers you $1000’s worth of dividends, will work for your quality of life and the environment, tastes amazing and finally costs around $50? ANSWER: PLANTOGRAM’S OF COURSE!!! To be a small business owner, you might be always confronted by a Dilemma, How to reward my loyal clients with regards to business nevertheless insure their continued Patronage? I bet you’ve tried all of the usual gifts identical humdrum gifts the competition are utilizing, Flower Baskets, Cookies, Candy or Chocolate Gift Baskets, Wine/Champagne/Alcohol, Restaurant or Mall Gift Cards, etc. Those are extremely nice gifts, but not a high level Corporation or Business plus your goal is always to gain repeat business from the clients and gain the referrals with their family, others who live nearby. The above mentioned-mentioned gifts all fall under one category, CONSUMABLE, the client CONSUMES them and forgets in regards to you, your company plus the gift! Unfortunately, CONSUMED with all the gift are all your online business’s about continued patronage and referrals! The achievements of a company or business gift exists in it’s power to constantly remind your clients about Your organization, not just once but FOREVER! This is where PLANTOGRAMS can be found in; we are going to keep your business gift does exactly that, FOREVER! Your small business being recognized and remembered would be the aim of a company or Business Gift. A lot more times that you are recognized or remembered the greater chance you've got at gaining a clients repeat business and referrals, and that is your aim. Keeping your small business before the client by way of a gift makes your organization plus the gift become synonymous, the gift is often a token of appreciation from a business! In the event you give among the conventional CONSUMABLE gifts already stated, gift baskets, alcohol, gift cards, etc. the gift is immediately CONSUMED and there's no residual remembrance, trace or value thereto gift. Soon after months your clients tend not to remember the chocolates, alcohol or meal they eat months ago, simply put business essentially lost all that gratitude, potential patronage and referrals. The gift and goodwill towards your organization who's represented have been CONSUMED and forgotten about, they both Will no longer EXIST! PLANTOGRAMS however will be around FOREVER and serve as a constant reminder to your clients of your respective business! You will find only five senses that humans experience as well as those five senses, undoubtedly the 2 strongest, most dedicated to memory and mezmorizing senses are the ones of residue, which might be intertwined. As an example, I bet that without hesitation you can remember fondly the smell of your mom’s kitchen or your dad or granddad’s aftershave when you're a child. You know you definitely can select up the scent of one's significant others cologne or perfume even in a crowded room! When you employ a whiff of this scent the human brain is quickly transported time for that period frame and accesses that fond, loving memory. Conversely, have you ever has a co-worker or friend which has a body odour, that odor and it also’s regards to that one person are undeniably dedicated to your memory forever! Each time you smell that particular odor, you think of their particular person. Accordingly, the taste is unforgettable, if you've ever tasted a guava e.g. that taste is unmistakable, nothing is else on earth that smells or tastes like a guava. A similar goes for for everyone fruits, I bet easily mention a mango, avocado or lychee if you’ve ever tasted such fruits it is possible to without hesitation conjure up the smell and style of the mind and don't forget the moment when that fruit first titillated your tastebuds and tickled onto your nose. Thus, you’ve just experienced the absolute effectiveness your PLANTOGRAMS! Our exotic FRUIT TREE GIFT PACKAGES will be the well organized and successful method to brand your company gifts for the most nominal dollar investment. By sending PLANTOGRAMS, your clients will constantly be thinking of your business. Over time, if he or she follow a mango, guava, star fruit etc. your clients will probably be constantly pondering the company that gave them the gift, which is hopefully your organization rather than competitors. By sending PLANTOGRAMS you can be establishing a lifelong relationship with all your clients through their strongest senses taste and smell and unlike other CONSUMABLE gifts this one can provide lifelong dividends serving generations of the clients family, not merely being instantly consumed. PLANTOGRAMS the gift that keeps on giving for generations! When you give someone a fruit you feed them for any day, send them a PLANTOGRAM you feed them and their family for generations! Besides the strong corporate and business branding produced by the unforgettable sweet smells and tastes of these expensive imported fruits, you'll be providing your clients with an investment that will provide them capital gains. Annually the fruit tree will grow larger therefore grow in value, the more expensive the tree greater the additional value it's going to supplment your clients property. Moreover, your clients will likely be showered with $1000’s in dividends with the lifetime of the tree as exotic, tasty and healthy fruit. A lot of the fruits we feature can’t even be found to get, they are available from all corners on the globe. If you eventually find these expensive imported fruits, the prices are astronomical, a pomegranate costs $2-$3 a chunk and avocado $1-$2 an article Lychee $5-$9 one pound, etc. so calculate the worth of your tree that could provide 100’s or 1000’s of fruit each season. PLANTOGRAMS are true MONEY TREES! These trees may also showcase your business’s information about it’s clients and personal touch since we've got fruit trees from all over the world, you can give your clients a custom fruit tree that reminds them of their childhood, whatever place in the world they spent my youth in, whether it’s Asia or America, you are able to’t get more of the emotional connection. You are reconnecting your clients using the strong, fond memories of their childhood. E.g. for those who have an Asian client, we've many fruit trees from Asia, like sugar apples and lychees several of these fruits your clients have grown on top of and love and will n't have tasted in numerous years. The credit for producing that nostalgic reunion of home are going to be bestowed upon your online business when you finally send the a PLANTOGRAM. REFFERALS!!! Your competitor’s CONSUMABLE gifts stated earlier the gift baskets, gift cards etc., those gifts only reach anyone your client and possibly their immediate family, occasionally. PLANTOGRAMS alternatively provide 100’s or 1000’s of fruit every season, multiple family can utilize which means your clients will probably be compelled to express them their friends, family and neighbors. Once they taste the amazing one of a kind flavor of Exotic PLANTOGRAMS they are going to undoubtedly inquire about the foundation of such fruits. Your clients might proudly mention that your organization had given them the tree in appreciation in their patronage. So by sending one PLANTOGRAM your small business patronage and referral business grows exponentially, vs. conventional CONSUMABLE gifts which get immediately CONSUMED by your original client, won't make it outside their household and so terminates all of your probability of acquiring exponential patronage and referrals. Let our PLANTOGRAMS be your business’s apostles and spread the gospel of this business. Also our experience has shown that men and women love to exhibit and share the spectacular fruit they receive using their company exotic PLANTOGRAM fruit trees. What better advertisement on your Company or Business over a 15-30 feet billboard such as a fantastic exotic fruit tree to all of your respective client’s back yards their neighborhoods, ground zero. Think of the cost of renting only one Billboard with an interstate and paying month after month of rent. With PLANTOGRAMS, you've interactive, multisensual 3D billboards contacting your entire clients, their friends, family and neighbors and stimulating their most memorable senses residue. PLANTOGRAMS would be the epitome of referrals and advertising for your business, his or her still spread exponentially. PLANTOGRAMS will also be GREEN or ECO-FRIENDLY gifts. Unlike other so named eco-friendly gifts whose only state they green is their eco-friendly or recycled packaging, PLANTOGRAMS are actually PROACTIVELY eco-friendly, they actively battle our as well as help Reverse our environmental problems. Our fruit trees have been good for planet earth and environment together with too your clients their own families health and well-being! We've over 100 types of exotic fruit trees to help with all types of health issue, from the cold, cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, diabeties and in some cases cancer. Our fruits will also be proactive to your clients healthy by be chalk full of Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants and not to say tastes great!