Try this fun fruit face to encourage kids to eat more fruit!

Make Fruit Faces Step 5.jpg


1 melon

2 cherries

1 apple

1 banana

1 mandarin

3 grapes (cut in half)


Prepare the fruit. Cut a melon into circular slices. Peel the banana and mandarin (separated each segments. De-core and cut the apple into slices.

Get individual bowls and divide the mandarin, apple, banana, and grapes slices into each bowl.

Put a melon slice on a plate for each child.

Use the mandarin as a mouth and hair.

Make Fruit Faces Step 4Bullet1.jpg

Banana slices for the eyes and nose.

Make Fruit Faces Step 4Bullet2.jpg

And apple slices as the ears and cherries to make earrings.

Make Fruit Faces Step 4Bullet3.jpg

Add grapes as the eyeball and eye brow.

Make Fruit Faces Step 4Bullet4.jpg


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Idea from: WikiHow

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