Lemons are very useful when it comes to cleaning. Lemons are a mixture in common household supplies and chemicals. Items such as Lemon Pine-Sol, Lemon Mr, Clean, Lemon Dish Detergent, and Lemon Lysol all involves a portion of lemon as an ingredient. For a clean glass, rub glass with a cut lemon or soak in lemon juice and water to add sparkle back to dull glass. This is especially effective with cloudy coffee pots, pitchers, or decanters. Their cleansing scent and light acid have plenty of uses beyond cooking and eating. Lemons are great in health wise and issues such as; a cold, sore throat, viruses, and cleaning. They are used around the house for all-natural, toxin-free cleaning, odor-removing, and decoration. Try the usefulness of a lemon!


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