Ever wondered why certain fruits are on the Thanksgiving table? Is it apart of the decorations? Is there a particular meaning behind what's on the table? Okay We did our research and decoded these 6 fruits that have been captured on several family Thanksgiving dinner tables, making a gorgeous table runner or centerpiece. We all thought the focal point was the Turkey...(wrong) We have decoded the meaning behind every fruit that goes on the table that make amazing Instagram photos and who doesn't like a good snack before the big bird? These fruits are in season and can be found at your local farmers market or grocery store.

Fig - A symbol for happiness, prosperity, longevity, and good luck, this tree is often found around Buddhist shrines.

Apple - has always been associated with peace, good health, and harmony in one's home.

Persimmon - May you have good fortune in all your undertakings.

Pomegranate - is a symbol of good luck, abundance, youth and fertility since antiquity

Pear - is a symbol of comfort.

Grapes - came to represent success and abundance coming to one in the near future, or always being in one's family.