Do you want to know what items Emmy winners Nicole Kidman, Ann Dowd and Lena Waithe (just to name a few!) are enjoying from the Emmy's Swag Bags? Can you believe that the Emmy's Swag Bags for 2017 contain trees? But not just any trees!

PlantOGram’s products were featured in the Emmy’s Swag Bags last night alongside other luxurious gifts ranging from chocolates to fashionable sun shields. Actors such as Alexander Skarsgård and Alec Balwin received Swag Bags as well as their Emmy awards and we just know that all of the winners are going to be over the moon with their luxury fruit trees! What’s not to love about our 100% vegan trees? Not only can they be easily grown indoors without the need of a large outdoor space which is often associated with goring fruit trees, they are also extremely low maintenance. Every time Nicole Kidman goes to pick off a fruit from her very own PlantOGram tree (which she deservedly won through her performance in Big Little Lies ) she will remember how she won the most competitive category at the Emmy’s.

There is nothing more thoughtful than a PlantOGram tree, it is truly the only gift that keeps on giving!