Even though spring isn't here yet and won't be here for a while... after the holiday's there's only one thing on our minds.... THE GARDEN!! There are things that we can do in the meantime to get the garden ready for spring so that everything that we do plant will be healthy and happy.. It's called Prepping the Ground were going to teach you the basics of prepping the ground for the 2015 Spring so that your garden will be a success this year!

1. Set up your area where you will be keeping your compost.

You can purchase bags of compost from your local hardware store in the garden center. If you prefer you can even create your own compost by keeping your yard waste and food that you would initially though away. You would be saving a lot of money and your trees will be really happy & healthy !

2. Start saving money and making that wish list

Our biggest suggestions that we can give all of our clients is to save their money, make a wish list and as soon as it starts to get a little warm in your are place your orders because once you see on our site and it's gone.... IT'S GONE! Our turn around time for shipping is pretty fast and we ship world wide!

3. Order Your Fruit Tree's

This may in fact be your favorite part...browsing through our online catalog... checking out the new spring selections of mango's, lychee's, avocado's, and so forth...Order your beautiful hand selected fruit tree or try our new Pick Your Tree option where you can virtually hand select your own tree and have it delivered without ever having to leave your home!

4. Get your Garden Tools and Potting area ready!

Now all you have to do is go though your shed in the backyard or the garage and find all of the gardening tools and also your beautiful pot's so that you can even get some container fruit trees in there... Container fruit trees are great for keeping in the lanai or on your balcony. I mean seriously how many people can say that they have a mango tree growing in a container in their homes? Well you can be the first in your neighborhood!