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  • $167.20$112.60
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    The Antidesma Bignay fruit tree is shipped in a 3 gallon container. Native to the Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. The skin of the fruit has red juice, while the white pulp has colorless juice. The fruit contains a light-colored seed. The fruit has a sour taste similar to that of the cranberry when immature, and a tart but sweet taste when ripe.

    Availability: not available
  • $163.40$127.90
    You save:$35.50( 21.7%)

    The Malay Apple Black Star Variety in a 3 gallon container comes all the way from Vietnam. This fruit is very hard to find. The fruit is a beautiful dark red to black color with a pear shape about the size of an apple. The flesh is crunchy and juicy with a mild sweet flavor with a hint of rose essence. ** Get yours while they last **

    Availability: not available
  • Star Anise Tree
    You save:$52.40( 28.8%)

    The strong licorice aroma of this spice will engulf you with a slight tingle in addition to its sweet yet savory taste. You will immediately notice the seeds within its star like shape which would make a wonderful houseplant. • Live plant Shipped in a 3-gallon container • Delivered in a Custom PlantOGram box • Tea, of course! • Desserts and baked goods • Can be added to meat and poultry dishes

    Availability: not available
  • $133.40$98.60
    You save:$34.80( 26.1%)

    The Ross Sapote Fruit grown in a 3 gallon container is a close relative of the Canistel fruit. The fruit has a thin orange to yellow hue in skin color. The flesh is moist and it resembles a hard boiled egg yolk. The taste is unbelievable has the flavor of the Lucuma fruit.

    Availability: in stock
  • $138.30$108.40
    You save:$29.90( 21.6%)

    The Blue Jaboticaba Fruit in a 3 gallon container all the way from Brazil has a thin dark purple almost blue in color fruit. The flesh sweet and juicy with on or two large seeds inside. People say that the fruit tastes like a juicy grape.

    Availability: not available
  • $182.40$138.90
    You save:$43.50( 23.8%)

    The White Jaboticaba fruit is a little bit larger and has a beautiful green bronze skin that is a little thinner than the other varieties of the Jaboticaba. The flavor is said to be very sweet in flavor.

    Availability: not available
  • $148.40$109.70
    You save:$38.70( 26.1%)

    The Red Jaboticaba all the way from Brazil in a 3 gallon container. Mirrors the flavor of the purple Jaboticaba the tree's are similar but a lot of people say that the red is a lot sweet and less tart than the purple fruit when ripe.

    Availability: not available
  • $152.90$109.80
    You save:$43.10( 28.2%)

    The Yellow Jaboticaba all the way from Brazil in a 3 gallon container resembles large gooseberries in appearance. The fruit's flavor being similar to an apricot making this a very delicious and sweet fruit.

    Availability: in stock
  • $107.10$79.90
    You save:$27.20( 25.4%)

    The Gin berry Fruit is small translucent pink fruit with juicy flesh with a hint of spicy gin flavor!

    Availability: in stock
  • $130.40$98.70
    You save:$31.70( 24.3%)

    The Imbe Tree or African Mangosteen is known for it's small, bright, orange, thin skinned berry with a single large seed. The fruit is very sweet.

    Availability: not available
  • $134.60$97.30
    You save:$37.30( 27.7%)

    The Phalsa tree is native to Southern Asia from Eastern Pakistan, Cambodia and other tropical countries. The fruit is small dark blue berry size and almost black when ripe. The flavor is sweet when eaten ripe.

    Availability: in stock
  • $83.40$59.90
    You save:$23.50( 28.2%)

    This tasty plum has a red skin and yellow flesh. These trees deciduous trees and go completely dormant in the winter. Flowers and new leaves will emerge in February thru March. The fruit's will be ready around May thru June.

    Availability: in stock
  • $136.30$98.60
    You save:$37.70( 27.7%)

    The Bailey's Marvel is a popular Florida grown mango that is a cross between the Hayden and the Bombay mango varieties. The fruit skin can vary in color being a deep yellow to red blush and the flesh being fiber less bright orange creamy inside. This Variety is considered to be slightly more cold tolerant than other varieties of Mango

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree Kesar Indian Collectors Variety Grafted
    You save:$59.30( 29.9%)

    The Kesar mango is one of the rarest and best mangoes, which are famous for their fruit quality, attractiveness fruit and pulp colour, taste & good shelf life. Kesar mangoes are mostly grown in Gujarat, Western India. Kesar Mangoes are commonly known as the queen of Mangoes. One box of Kesar Mangos is $42.00 thats 12 mangos. Add this limited collectors variety to your garden and by the envy of all mango enthusiasts! **Extremely Limited quantity first come first serve basis**

    Availability: in stock
  • $139.40$99.80
    You save:$39.60( 28.4%)

    The Araza fruit is the most collected plant. The fruit are soft bright yellow having a juicy fruit aroma.

    Availability: not available
  • $104.20$69.80
    You save:$34.40( 33.0%)

    This spice will captivate you with its sweet irresistible scent. Almost seductively you will find yourself drawn to taste its rich flavor. • Live plant shipped in a 3-gallon container • Delivered in a custom PlantOGram box • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream! • Most baked goods • Coffee, of course!

    Availability: not available
  • $179.70$139.70
    You save:$40( 22.3%)

    The Breadfruit skin texture ranges from smooth to rough to spiny. The color is light green, yellowish-green or yellow ripe fruit have yellow or yellow-brown skin and soft, sweet, creamy flesh that can be eaten raw or cooked.

    Availability: in stock
  • $97.60$69.80
    You save:$27.80( 28.5%)

    Hollywoods best kept secret is the Goji berry The Goji berry also know as the Wolfberry is a cold hardy Perennial shrub with vining branches, it grows in many areas of the world. It can be eaten fresh. When dehydrated it taste similar to raisins. This is one of the easiest plants to grow organically. It's highly disease resistant and rarely bothered by insects. Just plant it and pick.

    Availability: in stock
  • $128.70$98.40
    You save:$30.30( 23.5%)

    The Mammea apple is a berry that is round with a brown or grey thick skin. The fruit is soft fiber less, orange to yellow in hue with a sweet flavor.

    Availability: not available
  • $147.20$99.80
    You save:$47.40( 32.2%)

    All the way from Brazil's Amazon Basin we welcome the Guarana fruit tree. The fruit is best known for the seeds from its fruit, which are about the size of a coffee seed bean. It's seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine.

    Availability: in stock
  • $207.10$139.40
    You save:$67.70( 32.7%)

    The ilama fruit resembles the Cherimoya. The skin is pale green to deep pink or purple while the fruit has a custard consistency

    Availability: not available
  • $136.90$98.40
    You save:$38.50( 28.1%)

    If you like lemons then you will love the Lemon Zest Mango. This mango with a hint of citrus flavor has a beautiful skin color of pale yellow to orange with the flesh being creamy and fiber less

    Availability: in stock
  • $157.60$118.90
    You save:$38.70( 24.6%)

    The Angie Mango is a considered to be a wonderful Dwarf and easy to manage mango variety. The skin is yellow to orange in color the shape being oblong. The flesh of the Angie is tangerine orange and fiber less. The flavor of this mango is considered to be a one of a kind flavor like no other mango.

    Availability: in stock
  • Mango Tree Coconut Creme Variety Grafted
    You save:$37.50( 23.8%)

    This Coconut Creme also spelled Coconut Cream mango lives up to it's name! The skin is bright red to orange yellow and the pulp is bright orange. The flavor is a creamy fiber less coconut flavor. This is a coconut lovers delight!

    Availability: in stock
  • $215.60$139.80
    You save:$75.80( 35.2%)

    This Ultra-rare Annona native to rainforests of Panama and Columbia. Bears small, edible fruits with sweet pulp. The fruits have prominent hair-like features similar to a Rambutan. Very exotic and uncommon. In a 3 gallon container

    Availability: not available

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