Sea Grape Tree

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Sea Grape Tree

Sea Grape/Guyana Grape Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Very common tree native to seashores throughout tropical America. Forms long clusters of grape-like fruit with an acidic flavor. The sea grape is often used as a landscape tree near beaches and waterways as it adapts well to sandy soil. Small shrub to medium sized tree up to 30ft high. Sea Grapes take on a number of growing habits and can also be found as spreading shrubs, growing only a few feet high. The rounded, glossy, red-veined leaves arequite distinctive. Usually eaten fresh out of hand or used to make jams and jellies. Makes a great shrub or hedge and is salt tolerant for coastal areas.

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    The sea grape is native to sandy shores of the American tropics. The plant is a small tree, sometimes reaching to 30 feet with stiff near-round leaves up to 8 inches across. Fruits are globose to pyroform, about 0.75 inch diameter and borne in clusters. The skin is pubescent, enclosing an edible pulp and single seed. The pulp is eaten directly and makes an excellent jelly. Ripening is mainly in midsummer. The sea grape appears not to be grown commercially, but some fruit from native plants is harvested.


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Sea Grape Tree